How can I clean and protect my Teva products?

Cleaning your Teva shoes, depends on the material of the product. 

Nylon Sandals

To clean your nylons sandals, you can wash them in warm water with a mild soap. You can then use a soft bristled brush to get rid off dirt/ grit on the soles. Simply leave the sandals to air dry!

Leather Sandals / boots

Take a medium-to-soft-bristle brush and brush the leather gently using short strokes or a light circular motion to remove dry dirt. If your shoes feature suede or really soft leather, you may want to invest in a special suede brush to help get rid of scuffs. If you have a tough stain, you can use a leather soap and water and use a textured cloth to wipe the leather clean. Allow your leather products to air dry. Please don't use heat to dry leather. 

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